Yoshizaki Investments

Solution to achieve your financial goal


Yoshizaki Investments is a private investment firm committed to deliver results for our clients. The main strategy is based on long term equity buy&hold, ignoring the short term noise and focused on the intrinsic value to capitalize the market mispricing.


Relatively small asset under management allows us to act swiftly when the opportunities arise. Also we are able to invest in securities where bigger investment funds cannot invest because of the size constraint.


Our investment decisions are rooted in unique Japanese mindset “Wabi-Sabi”. Its philosophy, “Simple” and “Quiet”, is applied when evaluating the companies to invest in. Furthermore, it keeps us focus on core value that doesn’t change over time.

Daiki Yoshizaki
Founder & CEO

Daiki started Yoshizaki Investments with one simple mission, “Providing the best long term performance for our clients”.

Previously, he worked in a stock broker as a portfolio advisor. Since it was a commission based business, regardless the clients’ performance, the company got compensated. However, he felt it was inappropriate to get compensated when clients were having hard time. To solve this problem, he set up an investment firm with 100% performance based fee structure.

Currently, he is striving to acquire a broker-dealer license and looking for investors to support his challenge to revolute investment industry. Contact us if you wish to involve in his ambitious journey!